... To Miss New Orleans

I'm just going to jot down a few thoughts on the series finale having finally finished off the show, 6 months after it concluded on HBO.

I've had a busy few months having become a father and started a new job so my watching time has been limited and my writing time has been non-existent. I am on a week off and am indulging in some forgotten hobbies.

I loved this show and was sad to see it end but glad that HBO allowed it to come to a conclusion instead of just cancelling it. David Simon, Eric Overmyer et al did good work with the funds allocated to them, managing to produce a further 5 hours of quality storytelling.

The cast were excellent as ever. Khandi Alexander remained mesmerizing as LaDonna, going through a difficult time. Rob Brown and Clarke Peters father / son chemistry was excellent. Wendell Pierce handled hilarious and heartbreaking material equally well.

The show managed to get to me emotionally several times over its short final season - particularly the vigil for the murdered student and the passing of Albert. Both were handled sensitively and rang true for me.

I am pleasantly surprised that this series with its unique pacing and rhythms managed to run for four seasons and end on its own terms and count myself lucky to have enjoyed all four of them.

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