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    Series finale review

    June 28, 2014 by Opark 77

    I'm just going to jot down a few thoughts on the series finale having finally finished off the show, 6 months after it concluded on HBO.

    I've had a busy few months having become a father and started a new job so my watching time has been limited and my writing time has been non-existent. I am on a week off and am indulging in some forgotten hobbies.

    I loved this show and was sad to see it end but glad that HBO allowed it to come to a conclusion instead of just cancelling it. David Simon, Eric Overmyer et al did good work with the funds allocated to them, managing to produce a further 5 hours of quality storytelling.

    The cast were excellent as ever. Khandi Alexander remained mesmerizing as LaDonna, going through a difficult time. Rob Brown and…

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    I've been away for a couple of weeks and have just caught up with "Don't You Leave Me Here" a couple of days late. I am thoroughly enjoying the third season of Treme and finding that the show is starting to hold together as a complete piece rather than a series of disparate stories as it progresses, I think due more to the cumulative effect of the show than any improvement in the craft. The writing has always been great but this show is not like any other; the pacing is deliberate in stark contrast to other successful cable dramas like

    I loved the heartbreaking contrast between LaDonna and Toni's families, both living in fear of reprisals for merely trying to stand up against rampant criminality in their city. While Toni lives in fear of the …

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  • Opark 77

    I started a top 10 list for best current cable drama over at the wikia entertainment hub:

    Top 10 list: Current cable dramas

    Game of Thrones is leading the voting at the time of writing with my single solitary vote but any of you discerning viewers who have an opinion are more than welcome to join in. I have illustrated the list with up to date poster art for all of the series I included so I think it makes for an interesting scroll through too. --Opark 77 12:34, September 8, 2012 (UTC)

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