"The Greatest Love"
Season 3, Episode 4
The Greatest Love
Air date 14 October, 2012
Written by David Simon (story)
Mari Kornhauser &
Chris Yakaitis (teleplay)
Directed by Ernest Dickerson
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"The Greatest Love" is the fourth episode of the third season. It is the 25th episode of the series overall. It was first broadcast by HBO on 14 October, 2012. The teleplay was written by Mari Kornhauser & Chris Yakaitis from a story by David Simon. It was directed by Ernest Dickerson.

LaDonna and Larry Williams go house hunting. The Guardians of the Flame hold their first practice at Gigi's Lounge. Albert Lambreaux tells Delmond about his lymphoma diagnosis. Nelson Hidalgo deals with a complaint about his NOAH work. Toni Bernette gets a broad response, but a reluctance to actually commit, in response to her advert for information about Officer Wilson. Sofia Bernette is pulled over and followed by the police. Toni, Sofia, and L.P. Everett attend a production of "Waiting for Godot". L.P. gets more information on the Glover killing. Janette Desautel recruits staff for her new restaurant and works on her menu. Annie flirts with her manager on tour. Terry Colson is disappointed when his sons fail to visit but has a passionate fling with a hotel manager. Antoine Batiste helps a student to pay their energy bill. Davis McAlary is thrilled to catch Sugar Boy Crawford in the studio but disappointed that he won't participate in his musical project.


Antoine Batiste struggles to get the Elie Middle School marching band to move in unison. He notices that Cherise seems distracted and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that the heating has been cut off in her home for failure to pay the Entergy bill. Music department head Darren LeCoeur warns Antoine that they will not be ready for Mardi Gras based on their current progress.

Desiree tells Antoine what she has learned of the NOAH scheme, who have selected her family home for remediation. That night Antoine offers to pay the Entergy bill and takes cash to do so. Desiree is surprised that he is getting involved in their household finances and he jokes that the school teacher job is making him a responsible tax payer. Antoine takes the bill to the charity Sweet Home New Orleans. They offer assistance to musicians in financial hardship. He is held up completing the paperwork there and is late for class. The children mock him for his tardiness. After the lesson he gives the cash to Cherise for her own bill.

Davis McAlary accompanies Annie to the launderette. She thanks him for coming when it is her turn and he says that he is glad of the chance to spend time with her. They joke about mixing their whites and coloreds and Annie losing a sock.

Davis checks in at Piety Street Recordings where producer Mark Bingham is working on songs with Davell Crawford. Davis is amazed to find out that Davell is accompanied by his grandfather James "Sugar Boy" Crawford. He greets Sugar Boy after the track is finished and urges him to return to secular music. Sugar Boy tells Davis that phase of his life is over. Davell says that his grandfather has worked on nothing but gospel music since he was beaten up by the police decades ago.

Annie and her band travel to Texas for a gig. Annie plays a song with Marcia Hall to advertise the show. Afterwards Hall dedicates a song to the people of New Orleans and Annie and Marvin Frey listen together. Frey then takes Annie out for dinner at a Texan barbecue place. Davis tries to call Annie but cannot get hold of her.

Nelson Hidalgo meets his business partner Robinette at a NOAH job site. Robinette complains that he cannot hire enough day workers to cope with the jobs they have taken on. Nelson is called away to a complaining home owner named Al Jennings. The man is unhappy that Nelson's firm are working on his property without notifying him, and that none of the crew speak English. Nelson somewhat pacifies Jennings by reassuring him that they are there to improve rather than tear down the house. Nelson drives away when Jennings tries to get his details to complain further. That evening Nelson takes his new girlfriend Cindy out dancing at Ray’s Boom Boom Room, where Freddy Omar Con Su Banda are playing.

Albert and Delmond Lambreaux sew patches for their Indian costumes together. Albert plans to start another new patch design. Delmond questions starting over so late and Albert says that it is always worth trying something new. Albert reveals to Delmond that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma and that he does not want his other children to know. Later, Delmond plays with Shannon Powell at Donna’s Bar & Grill. After the set developer Will Branson approaches Delmond and arranges to meet him for lunch to discuss a project. Will is at the design stage of a planned cultural heritage center and arena.

LaDonna Batiste-Williams and Larry Williams house hunt together. LaDonna is unimpressed with Larry's scattergun approach to viewing listings but is impressed by one property. LaDonna meets with Albert at her bar. He is there to discuss using Gigi's Lounge as a practice space for his Indian tribe, the Guardian's of the Flame. LaDonna agrees to clear tables at the front of the bar, knowing that the practice will bring business. Albert says that the barbecue truck from Polk's Tavern will follow them to the new site and LaDonna insists on a share of their profits.

The practice is a storming success. LaDonna, Antoine, and Larry watch as Albert faces off with Big Chief Howard Miller during a rendition of "Two Way Pocky Way". Albert and Delmond leave Gigi's and Albert is a little unsteady but insists that he is alright. Delmond helps Albert into the car.

The next day Delmond takes Albert to the New Orleans Music Clinic for help getting care. That night he asks Albert to let him tell his sisters about the lymphoma but Albert refuses.

Janette Desautel interviews for new chefs at her restaurant. The applicants are a mixed bunch but Kelly Beardsley impresses Janette. Tim Feeny interviews for service staff at an adjacent table. Jacques points out that Feeny has a selection bias; only beautiful young women are progressing.

Janette works into the night planning her new menu with Jacques. She decides on a beautified version of frogmore stew and tells Jacques to come to the walk in with her. He is disappointed when her mind is only on food but like the idea. He eventually heads home while she works on.

Terry Colson drinks with his friend in the FBI by their cars. Terry questions the lack of action on the corruption information he handed over. The agent tells him that the political climate is preventing any activity.

Terry visits his friend Megan Harris at the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel. He books a room for his sons to visit him but she convinces him to accept a free upgrade to a suite. She catches him regarding her figure. His sons cancel their trip because they have made plans with their girlfriends so Terry returns to the hotel to cancel the suite. Megan tells him that they cannot resell the room so late so he should enjoy it. Terry reads in his trailer and then decides to take up the offer. Megan shows him around when he returns. When they get to the bedroom they kiss passionately and undress.

Toni Bernette interviews a series of people with complaints about Officer Wilson. They are all afraid of the ramifications of being named in a class action suit against him, fearing his history of violence. Toni tries to reassure them that there will be strength in numbers.

L.P. Everett eats lunch with Anthony King to thank him for the introductions around the Algiers area. They discuss the Henry Glover case and King warns L.P. to watch his back if he goes up against the NOPD. L.P. returns to his hotel room and goes through his notes. He checks his messages and is intrigued by a new source named Mr. Barker. He calls back and arranges to meet him. Barker gives L.P. photos of Glover's body when it was discovered and tells him that they came from inside the NOPD's fourth district but refuses to be identified as anything more specific than "a source of information".

Sofia Bernette makes plans with her boyfriend Scottie as she leaves work. She is unable to convince him to join her at a performance of Waiting for Godot but they agree to go to a gig together afterwards. Sofia is pulled over by a first district officer on her way home. He gives her a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. At home Sofia considers her college choices and Toni finds the ticket. Toni is concerned that the officer was outside of his assigned district when he gave the ticket but urges Sofia to remember to buckle up. Toni heads out to meet with L.P. at her offices. He gives her a copy of the case files he obtained from the coroner's. She offers advice about the Glover case and invites him for a home cooked meal.

L.P. returns to the barbershop in Algiers to re-interview one of his sources there. He is disturbed to find the police lounging on his car outside but they seem to be harmless. He has his planned home meal with the Bernettes and talks music with Sofia. He is enjoying the metal scene in the city and has plans to go to a Goatwhore gig later that night. Sofia offers him a lift after the play. She invites Toni and L.P. to join her and Toni deduces that Scottie did not want to go.

Toni is moved to tears by the play; its abandonment theme is given increased residence by setting it in front of a house devastated by Hurricane Katrina. After the play Sofia picks up Scottie and takes L.P. to his gig as promised. They are followed by a police car. L.P. directs Sofia to stop by a well lit gas station and the patrol unit passes them by, but not without a hard stare from the officers inside.


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First appearancesEdit

The following named, recurring characters are introduced in this episode:

  1. Markell - class clown in the Elie Middle School band.
  2. Will Branson - a property developer working on an arena.
  3. Kelly Beardsley - a chef applying at Janette's.




  1. Khandi Alexander as Ladonna Batiste-Williams
  2. Rob Brown as Delmond Lambreaux
  3. Chris Coy as L.P. Everett
  4. Kim Dickens as Janette Desautel
  5. India Ennenga as Sofia Bernette
  6. Michiel Huisman as Sonny (credit only)
  7. Melissa Leo as Antoinette Bernette
  8. Lucia Micarelli as Annie
  9. David Morse as Terry Colson
  10. Clarke Peters as Albert Lambreux
  11. Wendell Pierce as Antoine Batiste
  12. Jon Seda as Nelson Hidalgo
  13. Steve Zahn as Davis McAlary

Guest starring

  1. Sam Robards as Tim Feeny, Janette's business partner
  2. Davi Jay as Robinette, Nelson's business partner
  3. Lance E. Nichols as Larry Williams, LaDonna's husband
  4. Phyllis Montana LeBlanc as Desiree, Antoine's girlfriend
  5. Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine as Jacques Jhoni, Janette's sous chef
  6. J. Kyle Manzay as Waiting for Godot Actor 1
  7. Michael Cerveris as Marvin Frey, Annie's agent
  8. Anthony Anderson as Waiting for Godot Actor 2
  9. Mahershalalhashbaz Ali as Anthony King, private investigator
  10. Kidd Jordan as himself, drum leader
  11. Mark Bingham as himself, music producer
  12. Davell Crawford as himself, recording musician
  13. James "Sugar Boy" Crawford as himself, recording musician
  14. Keith Hart as Darren Lecoeur, music teacher
  15. Jazz Henry as Jennifer, Elie band member
  16. Jaron Williams as Robert, Elie band member
  17. Camryn Jackson as Cherise, Elie band member
  18. Terry Johnson, Jr. as Denard, Elie band member
  19. Jay Huguley as Will Branson, contractor with arena designs
  20. Henry Griffin as himself, Davis' friend
  21. Taryn Terrell as Cindy, Nelson's girlfriend
  22. Scottie Swears as Scottie, Sofia's boyfriend
  23. Markell Montgomery as Markell, Elie band member
  24. Lara Grice as Megan Harris, hotel manager and Terry's friend
  25. Colin Walker as FBI Special Agent James Collington, Terry's contact
  26. Stephen Lewis as Bernard, Wilson complainant 5
  27. Douglas Griffin as Al Jennings
  28. Lawrence LeJohn as Mr. Barker
  29. John O'Neal as Theatregoer
  30. Wes Cannon as Officer Geary
  31. Craig Leydecker as Officer Marullo
  32. Anne Marie Stassi as Sweet Home New Orleans administrator
  33. Maureen Brennan as Helene Burgess, NOMC advisor
  34. Catherine Lasperches as herself, NOMC Nurse Practitioner
  35. Jay Morris as Johnny Almost, Janette's interviewee 4
  36. Ruby Lou Smith as Tabitha, Feeny's interviewee
  37. Lance Franklin as Janette's Interviewee 3, no experience
  38. Jessica Caraveo as Kelly Beardsley, Janette's interviewee 5
  39. Dwayne St. Romain as Janette's Interviewee 2, back problems
  40. Donnell Herrington as himself, L.P.'s source
  41. Sheryl Ned as Wilson complainant 4
  42. Frankie Smith as Wilson complainant 5
  43. Rolando Coello as Jose Melendez
  44. Rolexis Delaney as Wilson complainant 3
  45. Michael Fletcher as Wilson complainant 2
  46. Willo Jean Baptiste as Wilson complainant 1
  47. Otto DeJean as George Cotrell, Guardians of the Flame
  48. Brian Nelson as Guardians of the Flame member 1
  49. Eddie Vanison as Memphis Ronnie, Guardians of the Flame
  50. Gerard Dollis as Guardians of the Flame member 2
  51. Walter Harris, Jr. as Franklin, Guardians of the Flame
  52. LaTasha S. Jordan as herself, Sugar Boy back-up singer
  53. Evg. Jackie Tolbert as herself, Sugar Boy back-up singer
  54. Minister Joshua Kagler as himself, Sugar Boy back-up singer
  55. Big Chief Howard Miller as himself, Creole Wild West Big Chief
  56. Walter "Hustleman" Sandiford, Jr. as himself, Creole Wild West Spy Boy
  57. Minsiter E. Dwight Franklin as himself, Sugar Boy organist
  58. Marcia Ball Band as themselves
  59. Guardians of the Flame Drummers as themselves
  60. Shannon Powell Band as themselves
  61. Freddy Omar Con Su Banda as themselves
  62. Kipp Believe College Prep Symphonic/Jazz Band as Elie Highschool Band


  1. Unknown as Feeny's assistant
  2. Unknown as Phil, the hotel clerk
  3. Unknown as Geary's partner, 4th District Officer 2


Opening creditsEdit

  1. Alexa L. Fogel - Casting
  2. Chester Kaczenski - Production Designer
  3. Naomi Geraghty - Editor
  4. Ivan Strasburg, bsc - Director of Photography
  5. Joseph Incaprera - Episodic Producer
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Closing creditsEdit

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