Jazz Henry
Jazz Henry
Personal details
Character Jennifer
Seasons 3 & 4
First episode "The Greatest Love"
Last episode "Sunset on Louisianne"
Credits 10 episodes (see below)
Jazz Henry is an actress. She plays young musician Jennifer in Treme. She is a recurring guest star in the third and fourth seasons.


Guest starEdit

Season three credits
"Knock with Me – Rock with Me" "Saints" "Me Donkey Want Water" "The Greatest Love"
"I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say" "Careless Love" "Promised Land" "Don't You Leave Me Here"
"Poor Man's Paradise" "Tipitina"
Season four credits
"Yes We Can Can" "This City" "Dippermouth Blues"
"Sunset on Louisianne" "...To Miss New Orleans"

External linksEdit

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