This article is about the fictionalized character, for the real person see Benny Jones, Sr.
Benny Jones, Sr.
Benny Jones, Sr. (character)
Key information
Status Alive
Profession Musician
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Benny Jones, Sr.
Season 1
Episode "Do You Know What It Means"
Benny Jones, Sr. is a musician. He is the band leader of the Treme Brass Band and the Snare Drummer. He plays a funeral march with trombonist Antoine Batiste three months after Hurricane Katrina.

Behind the scenesEdit

The series Benny Jones, Sr. is a fictionalized character played by the real person of the same name. He guest stars in the first season episode "Do You Know What It Means".


Season one appearances
Do You Know What It Means Meet De Boys on the Battlefront Right Place, Wrong Time At the Foot of Canal Street
Shame, Shame, Shame Shallow Water, Oh Mama Smoke My Peace Pipe All On a Mardi Gras Day
Wish Someone Would Care I'll Fly Away

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